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Rewards type:5% Back for eligible Amazon Prime members6

Financing available on orders over $149 23

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Credit & Payment Cards Corporate Credit Line (Pay-in-Full)

The Corporate Pay-in-Full Credit Line is ideal for large business like libraries, schools, and government institutions that want expanded account management options including the ability to: authorize multiple buyers on a single account, download order history reports, and pay by invoice. Corporate Credit Line (Revolving)

The Corporate Revolving Credit Line is designed for small-to-medium-size businesses that want convenient credit on and want the flexibility to make minimum monthly payments or pay in full each month.

Amazon Business Pay by Invoice

With 30-day payment terms and on-demand itemized digital invoices, Pay by Invoice gives your business more flexibility and control. 30 days not enough? Extend payment even longer with an eligible Business Prime membership plan.

NHL® Discover it®

NHL® Discover it®

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Takes the headache out of purchasing...

I debated between the Prime Store card and the Amazon Visa, and chose this one. That has been a really good fit. Not only is there cashback which can be applied as I see fit, I also have preferred terms on some items, AND...I can always choose to use another card if needed via my Amazon back office. I like that I can pay this as often as I choose...and that I have a hefty credit line. This card has simplified my buying -- and the statement has everything on it. This has been the best card for my usage as most of my purchase are on Amazon or via vendors that use Amazon pay -- which this card DOES work for. So, whether I buy on Amazon, or through a vendor that uses Amazon pay, I win with simplification of my card usage. And most importantly, it is PRIVATE -- no one knows this card number except Amazon. That keeps my headaches low, yes indeed.

Greg H.

Love My Amazon Store!!!(Card is a fantastic Perk!)

I have to admit, I was a little late to Everything Amazon. I can’t believe what I was missing! Once I started, it was like a whole new world!!! It was within a week, I applied,& was approved, with a wonderful starting limit, for the Amazon Store Card. I absolutely love shopping from Amazon, like faithfully, probably at least once a week average. Sometimes more. With the Amazon Store Card, it has made it so much more convenient to shop, checkout and just has made my experience even better ( if possible) than it already was and is. I would highly recommended the Amazon Store Card. You’re information is always saved, but also, very secure. I love having the option of a one click checkout, if I choose. Anytime, I need to look up anything, or I have a question, the team at Amazon Store Card, their Customer Service, both online and if need to call, are knowledgeable, friendly, and always seem to go above and beyond to make sure I have everything I needed. Seriously, if you shop at Amazon, which, we all do!!!! This is the card to choose!! Oh, there are also some great benefits, that just those alone, are reason enough why The Amazon Store Card beats any other, by far!!! If you’re considering it, just go for it. You will not be disappointed!!!!!



I'm glad I got this Amazon credit card. It makes purchasing so quick and easy. Everything, including my prime membership fee, just gets charged to the card. No need to store any other credit card numbers or payment options on the Amazon site. Making payments to the card is just as quick and easy. You just log into their secure website and pay whatever amount you want - minimum payment, full balance, partial payment. As long as you pay at least the minimum payment each month, you won't be penalized. The best part is you get cash back to use on future purchases. There's an option to apply that cash conveniently located at check out. The list of things I like about this card could go on and on - I have yet to have a bad experience or a reason to even contact their customer care team.

Rhonda Price

Amazon is the best! Synchrony Bank not so much!

Amazon is my favorite online shopping site. I am having a problem with my Amazon store card though. I just had an order declined, so I called Synchrony Bank to find out why. It is very difficult to communicate with the banks computer. Once It understood I wanted to know why my card had been declined, it told me I didn't make a payment in January. It said I had been assessed a $25 penalty, but it then gave me a one time offer to drop the charge. I then asked to speak to a person and finally was allowed to do that. I explained my problem, and was told again I hadn't made a January payment and that was why my card had been declined. I then explained that according to my checkbook, I made a payment on December 10 and December 28. My due date is the 20th of the month so my December 28 payment was my January payment. I had the money and payed it early. The customer support person said the computer counted that payment for December. I was told not to make early payments so this doesn't happen again. We will see if the late penalty is really removed. I still think Amazon is the best! Not so sure about Synchrony Bank.

Chatty Kathy